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Yenさん が国際幹細胞学会(6月21日〜26日)で口腔上皮の幹細胞についてポスター発表を行いました。

Erna研究員 が日本結合組織学会でFIbulin-7 と表皮幹細胞について口頭発表を、

柳沢がシンポジウムの座長を務めます(6月26日−27日)。 第60回日本生体医工学会プログラム:https://jsmbe60.jp/program.html 2021年国際幹細胞学会:https://www.isscr.org/meetings-events/annual-meetings/isscr-annual-meeting-2021/program/scientific-program 第53回日本結合組織学会:https://www.jsmbm2021.com/複製-開催概要-2

Yoshito chaired and gave a presentation in the organized session at the Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (June 15-17), and Yen presented her poster on the oral epithelial stem cells at the annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (June 21-26). Erna will give an oral presentation on Fibulin-7 and epidermal stem cells, and Hiromi will chair the Symposium at the Japanese Society for Matrix Biology and Medicine (June 26-27).

The 60th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Medical anb Biological Engineering : https://jsmbe60.jp/english/index.html

International Society for Stem Cell Research 2021: https://www.isscr.org/meetings-events/annual-meetings/isscr-annual-meeting-2021/program/scientific-program Japanese Society for Matrix Biology and Medicine 2021: https://jsmbm2021.wixsite.com/website-1




As of September 1st, Associate Professor Yoshito Yamashiro was promoted to Laboratory Chief (Team Leader) in the Department of Advanced Medical Technologies, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Cente

We are happy to announce that Erna Raja, Ph.D. has been appointed as an Assistant Professor @TARA as of June 1. Congratulations! 6月1日付で、Erna Raja 先生が、当研究室の助教として着任しました。 おめでとうございます!

April is Diversity Month. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee @ North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO), on which Hiromi serves as a committee member, has just published an articl