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Yenさん が国際幹細胞学会(6月21日〜26日)で口腔上皮の幹細胞についてポスター発表を行いました。

Erna研究員 が日本結合組織学会でFIbulin-7 と表皮幹細胞について口頭発表を、

柳沢がシンポジウムの座長を務めます(6月26日−27日)。 第60回日本生体医工学会プログラム: 2021年国際幹細胞学会: 第53回日本結合組織学会:複製-開催概要-2

Yoshito chaired and gave a presentation in the organized session at the Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (June 15-17), and Yen presented her poster on the oral epithelial stem cells at the annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (June 21-26). Erna will give an oral presentation on Fibulin-7 and epidermal stem cells, and Hiromi will chair the Symposium at the Japanese Society for Matrix Biology and Medicine (June 26-27).

The 60th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Medical anb Biological Engineering :

International Society for Stem Cell Research 2021: Japanese Society for Matrix Biology and Medicine 2021:




Our paper on the mechanism of neointima formation has been published online. We have shown that endothelial cells transdifferentiate into neointimal cells after blood flow cessation-induced vascular i

As of September 1st, Associate Professor Yoshito Yamashiro was promoted to Laboratory Chief (Team Leader) in the Department of Advanced Medical Technologies, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Cente

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