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Information on HBP Briefing Session

Human Biology Program will host a briefing session to give the program publicity and call for applications.

Date and time: October 20, 17:00~18:00 Place: Room 105, Health and Medical Science Innovation Laboratory

[Map] Language: Japanese (For the session only. HBP classes are given in English.) Program:           17:00~17:40  Outline for HBP: Prof. Kenji Irie (a chair of PR committee)           17:40~18:00  Student’s voice: TBD           18:15~        HBP class “Appropriate Technology” (Please feel free to attend the class.)




Our new member

We have new member, Eri, junior in Medical Sciences, joined our lab in last November. Welcome Eri! We updated “Lab Members” page.

A new paper has been published

Our lab member, Ryutaro’s paper can be read on the website.  Please find the link below for the paper. R. Ishii, H. Yanagisawa*, A. Sada*: Defining compartmentalized stem cell populations with distin

A review article has been published

A Review article by Yoshito and Hiromi has been published on the Clinical Science online website. Y. Yamashiro and H.Yanagisawa: The molecular mechanism of mechanotransduction in vascular homeostasis


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