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Announcement of Yanagisawa Lab Seminar

Our lab will host a seminar on Feb. 16 as follows.

When: 16:00-17:00 on Friday, Feb. 16, 2017 Venue: Seminar room, 2F, Bldg. A, TARA Center Speaker: Hirano Tomoko, M.D.                Department of Dermatology                Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

“Elastic fiber network: three-dimensional visualization of the human skin by two-photon microscopy” Elastic fibers are the second major component of dermal connective tissue. It has been suggested that they provide resilience and elasticity to the skin, and their morphological changes are closely associated with skin aging such as sagging and wrinkling. However, current studies conducted using conventional histological methods do not allow us to visualize the three-dimensional network of elastic fibers in the skin. The visualization elastic fiber network in three-dimension is important to better understand the mechanism in aging and in disease. Here, I will introduce a new method to visualize elastic fiber network in human skin three-dimensionally using two-photon microscopy.





Our new member

We have new member, Eri, junior in Medical Sciences, joined our lab in last November. Welcome Eri! We updated “Lab Members” page.

A new paper has been published

Our lab member, Ryutaro’s paper can be read on the website.  Please find the link below for the paper. R. Ishii, H. Yanagisawa*, A. Sada*: Defining compartmentalized stem cell populations with distin

A review article has been published

A Review article by Yoshito and Hiromi has been published on the Clinical Science online website. Y. Yamashiro and H.Yanagisawa: The molecular mechanism of mechanotransduction in vascular homeostasis


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